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The Atlanta Fencers Club Foundation

We believe that all youth, no matter their income, race, or gender, should have access to fencing in a safe environment with committed coaches and support. We are champions for physical and mental chess for life.

About Us

Fencing Pose

Our Story

The Atlanta Fencers’ Club Foundation was founded in late 2020 when its Maitre d’Arme, Gene Gettler, then founder of the original Atlanta Fencers’ Club Inc since 1977, retired during the infamous COVID-19 pandemic closing his program's doors.  The Atlanta Fencers’ Club Foundation was then founded and organized by one of the previous club’s parents who wanted to see the fencing sport live on within inner-city Atlanta. The foundation gives an opportunity to all who wishes to fence, regardless of income or socio-economic status.  All are welcome regardless of race or creed.  The Atlanta Fencers’ Club Foundation serves many from throughout Metro Atlanta, instilling pure success and creating scholarly athletes..

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